Dienstag, 2. August 2011

TRUCK Racing Series for Race07/GTR Evo by krissj

Thanks to:
- DantePLL for menu icons and templates
- BETA testers... for testing
- and other people for their small tips
Original mod by Frank#55 for rFactor
I asked for permissions, but no answer, RIP Frank...
Original templates by Wardog
So the mod is without permission, but now you know who originally created this mod

You can choose spec for your trucks:
1) 185 kmh limit - top speed 185 kmh, 5 gears
2) FIA - top speed 160 kmh, 4 gears
If you don't really care about reality, you can choose:
3) 6 gears - top speed 230 kmh, 6 gears
4) unlimited - top speed around 260 kmh, 5 gears, the less realistic, but IMO it's the best fun! Very Happy
Just copy 3 files from "OPTION" selected by you into folder called "TRUCKS"

Default it is: GameData/Teams/TRUCKS
Default spec in the mod - 185 kmh limit

SRT Promovideo by. Living Sim-Racing


  1. Hello,

    I have trouble with this Mod, I can get the trucks up, but no sounds at all, some views show nothing of the truck...

    Any help..

  2. Hello,

    Ive had trouble with the MOD, I can get the trucks up, but limited views, And no Sounds at all how can I fix this..


  3. Hello,

    if they do not see the mod, has taken in response to an ID conflict. In this case, please use Sim Racing Manager...

    Further support for it please register in our forum, because they can work directly with the modders to the problem.

    To unlock their forum acc they send an email to their nick name and subject SRT-Mod: