Samstag, 27. August 2011

NISSAN S14a for Race07/GTR Evo by. mariopinto

Nissan s14a for GTR Evolution converted from Shift2. This is a fictional
Cup based on this car. Standard body with improved suspension, engine,
weight gain and race tires. As a bonus I also included a GT version with
a V8 powerplant and diferent body kit.

ModelID CUP=254
ModelID GT=253
CUP version
- 290 horsepower
- 950 Kg
- 5 speed manual gearbox

GT version
- 564 horsepower
- 1020 Kg
- 6 speed sequential gearbox

SMS for the models, textures amd skins
Simbin for some 3D, textures, sounds and this wonderfull game

- You know the drill, extract into a temporary folder and copy GameData
and UiData folders into game directory. This mod don't overwrite any
original game file.

Templates can be downloaded here

>>> download NISSAN S14a for Race07/GTR Evo <<<

Donnerstag, 25. August 2011

Fenomenon Stratos for Race07/GTR Evo by Ultimodteam

- Improving the visual body and cockpit
- Add yellow led on the motec, and shiflight rpm max
Mod Fenomenon Stratos by Ultimodteam v1.0
*The concept car Stratos by Fenomenon has been presented in 2005,motorised by the Ferrari F360 Challenge Stradale engine,the F131 developing 431hp in original configuration.
*The F131 equipping the Stratos has been tuned up to 555hp by NOVITEC ROSSO.
*There is no whiper in this mod and it's voluntary,there isn't anyone on the real car.
*Some specs:
-Ferrari F360 engine F131 tuned by NOVITEC ROSSO
-550HP @ 7500rpm and 575Nm @ 6250rpm
-weight balance:56% on rear
-conversion and rework 3d model:Pat2611
-contact;fredbull on
Model id:204
Class id:204
Race07 and all it's addons accept 255 different model or class,each one having an id(from 1- to 255).
This specification make different mods having the same class or model id,causing a conflict or a game crash.
You can verify this id in the file ".inccar".
The ultimodteam advice everyone to use the "Sim Racing Manager" made by squik and available here: >>> download Sim-racing-Manager <<<
This small program alloy you the enable or disable any mod or track added in the sim.
You can run the sim only with the original mods/tracks and the ones you want to use.
Of course,two mods having the same id could not be used together.

>>> download Fenomenon Stratos for Race07/GTR Evo <<<

Dienstag, 23. August 2011

Nissan R390 GT1 1997-1998 for Race07/GTR Evo by. fvandelli

This mod has a history.
Many of us will be surely legal with the WG2 of the PS version.
This car in this match was one of the fastest and more certainly my favourite.
When I discovered that this car has been included in a mod for GTR2, I do not
hesitate to convert.
The author of the mod is not me was allowed to publish the conversion.
Then I discovered that this mod is included in an another mod for GTREVO
prototypes running within 24 hours of le Mans, then I decided to publish my own.
I don't know if what I did can be defined legally, but I guess
any liability.
This mod consists of two categories:
(1) the Nissan R390 GT1 LM 1997-1998 seasons
(2) the Nissan R390 GT1 mitigate Add 1997-1998 seasons

>>> download Nissan R390 GT1 1997-1998 <<<

Montag, 22. August 2011

Aston Martin V8 Vantage GT2 for Race07/GTR Evo v1.0 by krissj

Addon to GT Sport class
Mod with working wiper, rain/dirtscreen, lights, etc. etc.
Included original templates
Thanks to:
Defendere - for talent file, Liqui Moly, Monster Energy and Breitling teams
Beta testers - for testing
SCCA1981 - GTR2 mod
SMS - 3D model

>>> download Aston Martin V8 Vantage GT2 <<<

Mercedes CLK LM 1997-1998 for Race07/GTR Evo by. fvandelli

I got this mod from another mod made ​​for GTREVO prototypes.
None of those cars was complete. I have completed these mercedes.
I do not know the people who made ​​the original mod, and even the people who made the mod to which I have got my.
I hope none of offending

This Mod includes two categories: the Mercedes CLK LM 1997-1998 seasons

notes for the installation of this mod for Steam version:
1) extract the .7z file;
2) paste the folders "GameData" and "UiData" in the folder "Race07" following this path
C/..../Program (x86)/Steam/steamapps/Name/race07

>>> download Mercedes CLK LM 1997-1998 for Race07/GTR Evo <<<

Donnerstag, 18. August 2011

Isle of Man for Race07/GTR Evo

>>> download Isle of Man for Race07/GTR Evo <<<

BMW 120D v 1.0 for Race07/GTR EVO by PetraGTC

BMW 120D v 1.0 by PetraGTC
Based on BMW1 Challenge mod, many thanks for their briliant work.
Car modified to reflect the btcc version, new interior, wing, wheels and other stuff.
Not fully satisfied with the work, but hey, better than nothing :)))
- mirrored bumpers (aka whatever you skin on the left side, will be mirrored to the right side also)
sorry for that, but the original mod have it this way and my knowledge is not enough to fix it.
- reverselight not working
- and who knows what else
Car is under 2007 class, to make it wide available
Legal, illegal, and supersecret stuff
Credits goes to for the original mod, to simbin for race series, and to all the modders out there.
Without their knowledge = no mods :)
Feel free to include, modify, convert to whatever you like, just included these credits.

>>> download BMW 120D v 1.0 <<<

Mittwoch, 17. August 2011


DC and Ken Block present Gymkhana FOUR: The Hollywood Megamercial.
GYM4 surpasses the high-production style of Gymkhana TWO with even more spectacular effects shot in the backlots of Universal Studios, California.
Filmed over the course of five days, director Ben Conrad
(Zombieland and 30 Seconds or Less) and his team at Logan deliver a Hollywood caliber production complete with pyrotechnics, massive stunts and a series of unbelievable tricks.
Featuring robotic sharks, deranged zombies, and a hilarious cameo by the Epic Meal Time guys, Ken Block and his Hybrid FunctionHoon Vehicle (H.F.H.V.) bring the magic of Hollywood and gymkhana together.

Aston Breitling Racing Skin (GTP) for GTR Evo

>>> download Aston Breitling Racing Skin <<<

Bentley Continental GT For GTR EVO by. tewie

Bentley Continental GT - GTR Evo
Original GTR2 mod by Ron123 & Sidstalker
Converted from GTR2 to GTR Evo by Tewie.
Permission granted by Ron123.
Installation: You all should know the drill - Extract all files to game directory.
Car will appear under its own class.
Bentley Continental GT v1.0
Enginemanufacturer: Bentley
Enginetype: 6.0L W12
Power (HP) : 552 HP @ 6000 rpm
Torque (NM): 470 NM @ 1700 to 5600 rpm
Basic weight (kg): 1740
Model="Bentley Continental GT"
Thanks go out to.
Ron123 & Sidstalker of Trackaholics for making this mod and allowing me to convert it to Evo.
The guys from FVR Factor ( for producing FVRV8 the best Aussie V8 mod.
All those who have helped me improve my modding skills.
>>> download Bentley Continental GT <<<

Donnerstag, 11. August 2011

Coming soon Opel Commodore V8 Trophy Mod by living Sim-Racing

Commodore V8

20 unique cars 20 international drivers

Video by. living Sim-Racing

Dienstag, 2. August 2011

Alfa Romeo 8C v2.0 FINAL for Race07/GTR EVO by. krissj

Alfa Romeo 8C Competizione for GTR Evolution

Class - GT Sport
Engine - 450 HP
Cam and dmg files are from SCCA1981's Ferrari F430 mod
Physics and graphics are from original mod

Mirrors - too big cars in mirrors
Wiper - it's not working

RMi Release Group - GTR 2 mod
SCCA1981 - motec, lights, showroom, final packaging
SCCA1981 - Ferrari F430 cam & dmg files

Extract to: GTR Evolution/Addons/GTR Evolution folder

!!! Update v 2.0 FINAL is released now !!!

New version with working wiper, rain/dirtscreen, mirrors, corrected rearlights
2 versions of the car - 420HP and 488HP
New wheels from BMW M3 GTR

Delete previous version:
GTR Evolution/Addons/GTR Evolution/GameData/Teams/GT_Sport_Addon/Alfa_Romeo_8C

Then extract to:
GTR Evolution/Addons/GTR Evolution

>>> download Alfa Romeo 8C V 2.0 <<<

>>> Discussion Thread <<<

Japanese Touring Masters 2010 - v 2.0 by krissj

Japanese Touring Masters 2010 for GTR Evolution
FINAL 2.0 version

Cars have got their own separate class
2 cars included:
- Mitsubishi Lancer Evo X
- Subaru Impreza STI

Many thanks to mitch88 who is author of GTR2 version and who gave me the permission to put these beautiful cars in GTR Evo

Changes in 2.0:
- new sounds
- working wipers
- working rainscreens
- working dirtscreens
- corrected windows
- added .ini files
- completed car info in menu
- small changes in default setup

Changes in 1.2:
- full working MOTEC

Changes in 1.1:
- new textures for driver
- cars have got very good .dmg files now
- added templates

You can choose sounds for this mod
- "old sounds" (now in mod, loud)
- "new sounds" (now not in mod, quiet)
Included 2 archives with old and new

>>> download Japanese Touring Masters 2010 - v 2.0 <<<

TRUCK Racing Series for Race07/GTR Evo by krissj

Thanks to:
- DantePLL for menu icons and templates
- BETA testers... for testing
- and other people for their small tips
Original mod by Frank#55 for rFactor
I asked for permissions, but no answer, RIP Frank...
Original templates by Wardog
So the mod is without permission, but now you know who originally created this mod

You can choose spec for your trucks:
1) 185 kmh limit - top speed 185 kmh, 5 gears
2) FIA - top speed 160 kmh, 4 gears
If you don't really care about reality, you can choose:
3) 6 gears - top speed 230 kmh, 6 gears
4) unlimited - top speed around 260 kmh, 5 gears, the less realistic, but IMO it's the best fun! Very Happy
Just copy 3 files from "OPTION" selected by you into folder called "TRUCKS"

Default it is: GameData/Teams/TRUCKS
Default spec in the mod - 185 kmh limit

SRT Promovideo by. Living Sim-Racing