Dienstag, 2. August 2011

Alfa Romeo 8C v2.0 FINAL for Race07/GTR EVO by. krissj

Alfa Romeo 8C Competizione for GTR Evolution

Class - GT Sport
Engine - 450 HP
Cam and dmg files are from SCCA1981's Ferrari F430 mod
Physics and graphics are from original mod

Mirrors - too big cars in mirrors
Wiper - it's not working

RMi Release Group - GTR 2 mod
SCCA1981 - motec, lights, showroom, final packaging
SCCA1981 - Ferrari F430 cam & dmg files

Extract to: GTR Evolution/Addons/GTR Evolution folder

!!! Update v 2.0 FINAL is released now !!!

New version with working wiper, rain/dirtscreen, mirrors, corrected rearlights
2 versions of the car - 420HP and 488HP
New wheels from BMW M3 GTR

Delete previous version:
GTR Evolution/Addons/GTR Evolution/GameData/Teams/GT_Sport_Addon/Alfa_Romeo_8C

Then extract to:
GTR Evolution/Addons/GTR Evolution

>>> download Alfa Romeo 8C V 2.0 <<<

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