Samstag, 2. Juni 2012

Formula 1 2011 Mod for RACE07 v2.02


Initial notes:

- The Mod has League Version (by default): Equal physics for all teams. Complete set of tyres Super-Soft/Soft/Medium/Hard/Intermediate/Wet;
- & Public Version (to be installed): Slightly different physics for all teams, trying to simulate 2011 season. Only Soft/Wet tyres so AI can run them correctly;
- This physics need some time to get used to. The goal was the get them as real as possible... Need to be gentle and precise and at the limit react very fast;
- Like the real thing you will need to warm-up the tyres in the first corners, and then keep them warm, by pushing hard all the time...
- Turns like T8 in Istanbul Park will put a lot of temperature on tyres, like in real world. Try to manage your tyres degradation through the races.

Version 1.0 features and credits:

SandroX for:
- Original F1 2011 Mod from Codemasters to rFactor -Thanks for the permission to convert the Mod.

giffoo for:
- Conversion made from rFactor to RACE07;
- Helmet visors done for each pilot;
- Exterior and interior arms animation;
- Tear off animation;
- Menu icons and many others.

New on v2.0, features and credits:

fvandelli and zand for:
- New physics, suspension, engine and gearbox (equal in all cars).
Original files from great Formula Reiza by Reiza Studios. Changes done to work in RACE07;
- New tyre compounds with different characteristics (grip, heating, wear rate and optimum temperature).
Super-Soft, Soft, Medium, Hard, Intermediate and Full Wet.
Original Soft tyre by Formula Reiza by Reiza Studios. Changes done to work in RACE07.
Others compounds made from scratch;
- New team names and car description;
- New talent files and AI.

fvandelli for:
- Online mode - New Classid = 250 and ModelID´s from 241 to 252;
- Diskglow feature;
- New RPM lights sequence;
- New mirror scales;
- New undershadow;
- Visible suspension movement;
- New interior arms and hands animation;
- New pilot arms and helmet animation in external view;
- HANS device visible in exterior view;
- Several texure and LOD fix´s.

zand for:
- New interior engine sounds adapted from Formula Reiza by Reiza Studios;
- New exterior sounds adapted from Formula Race Room by Simbin;
- New working tyres textures (Soft and Wet tyres);
- New gloves and arms textures. Original files by BariCZ - Thanks BariCZ;
- New menu logos;
- New helmet visors;
- New HD steering wheels added - Original made by Luca Falco (in memory to Paolo Capriosa), zeno dyk and venom16000. Thanks to all;

Simbin, for:
- RACE07 game!

Known bugs:
- Due to Race07 limitations there are only 2 working textures for tyres, AI can run only 2 types of compounds, there are no KERS or DRS systems;
- In offline "Custom Championship" mode mirrors ant motec don´t work.

Have fun,

giffoo, fvandelli and zand

***Update to V2.01***

 New on v2.01, features and credits:
- Small physics changes for better braking, and rear end stability;
- Corrected some HUD icons;
- Increased tyre scrub and skid sound volume.


  1. Hello, I am new to this site, and I would like to congrats to the team that makes the mods and tracks, really great job.

    But I am really interested, if you would have any interest to gain some testers for your stuff.

    I am a member of a site called and it's baseb on online racing also in the RACE series, that you make mods for.

    So if you have any interes, let me/us know
    My mail:


    1. Hi Marko,

      Many mod on this page are only linked, published by another modder. This modder did all her own beta-testers.

      We(LSR-Team) have creat only one mod.

  2. So is there still any chance that we could make comercials for each other??

    If you would need some help on the testing, let me/us know please.

    Oh, and do you maybe have/kmow somebody that knows how to make new tracks from scratch?

    1. Hello Marko,

      We know anyone can create the tracks. :(

  3. I've tried, but I can say it was all but success..:s

  4. Thanks for sharing the important information. I'd not been knowing in that much detail. I am a sports and auto-parts lovey person. So would like to know more about this. Keep sharing!

  5. Hi!

    I'm having problems installing the mod.
    After I merge the GameData and UIData with the already existing ones the game starts, but during the loading screen the game crashes, displaying an error on the desktop and creating a dump..
    If I replace the original two folders with the new ones the game won't start at all.
    Any help would be appreciated.

    1. Hello

      delete all minidump C:\Users\your\Documents\SimBin\RACE 07\minidump

      and try again.

      maybe is a id conflict try this tool

  6. The download link is down.. plz update.
    Thank you

  7. I want the download button up again :(

  8. Hey link is dead can u reupload please?

  9. Download link broken! Desperately want this mod!!!!!
    Please update