Dienstag, 19. Juli 2011

[Found] F1 2010 Codemasters Mod V1.1 for Race07/GTR Evo by. Liquid4653

So, been lurking around here lately and helping myself to loads of stuff. I have been working on some conversions and decided it's about time to offer something up for everyone to enjoy.
Just in time for the British GP I am offering up a Formula 1 2010 mod based on models from Codemaster's F1 2010 title.
Firstly I would like to credit and thank SandroX for his permission to convert his rfactor F1 Codemasters 2010 mod over to the Race07 franchise. I would also like to thank aczdc69 for all his testing work. This mod will work with Race 07 and GTR Evolution. Anyone wishing to run this mod from any of the other Simbin front-ends(stcc/race on etc) will have to copy the UiData textures into the relevant texture folder for those.
I mainly race online and there are a few considerations/limitations/innaccuracies in this release which is primarily for multiplayer.

01. There is no provision for rain - no rainscreen or tyres.
02. The rainlight has been repurposed to provide a brakelight to help stop collisions.
03. All cars are running the same engine/gearbox/handling etc to provide a level playing field for multiplayer.
04. This mod has been formatted to use one model id only.
05. Some of the driver suits are incorrect and quite low resolution, but thay are the best I could get.
06. The camera has been modified to provide an external t-cam view like the codemasters game(only possible in the swingman view), but the external driver models simbin use are again low quality/resolution because they are not normally seen so fully.
07. Driver hands have been located on the wheels as best as I could do given the limitations of the options available.
08. Only 1 engine sound type is provided - mainly to keep the install size down.
09. Certain graphical elements have been simplified to make sure large numbers are not an issue,chassis quality is untouched though.
10. There is no helmet visor in cockpit view.
11. All talent files are edited to again provide the same skill set and are set to high standard.

Many of these considerations are a personal choice to me, and anyone wanting to change elements to suit themselves is more than welcome to do so.

This mod uses a Class id of 135 and a Model id of 135. If this causes a clash with other mods you have installed they can be altered in each .car file in the relevant teams/driver folders. This mod is also not encrypted, so editing is straight forward if you are that way inclined. If you prefer to save more space then wtcced can encrypt it for you.

If anyone finds anything belonging to them in this mod then please let me know and we can sort out appropriate permissions/credits - it is not my intention to rob anything from anybody.

Lastly, please enjoy some open cockpit love for a change.

V1.0 - Release.
V1.1 - Update to fix the suspension to body height discrepancy on all F1 cars.Also repositioned Sauber cockpit driver forward so he is actually touching the steering wheel.

>>> download F1 2010 Codemasters Mod V1.1 for Race07/GTR Evo <<<


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