Donnerstag, 27. September 2012

BTCC 2007 - 2011 Mod (Full Release V3) by. Drummerguy33

BTCC 2007 - 2011 Mod for Race07.

Howlinwolf - For his 2010 skins which look really great I think you will all agree.
PetraGTC - For her amazing cars and skins and well just generally everything.
Mardinou - For his 2009 skins which are fantastic.
Jsmee - For his amazing skins for the Integras, Civics, Audis and generally some of most of the other cars.
EuroSTC - For his help with all stuff
HHF - For his fantastic Team AON Focus skins. Note - These are not relaesed in V1 due to the focus not having adequite permissions to be released. Hopefully in the future permission will be given and a further addon will be released. At the moment the focuses are replaced by the C30s.
d1sc05tu32 - For his massive help with 2007/08. I.e he did most of it all I had to do was bring it in line with the rest of the mod.
Alex Koda - For his brilliant 2007/08 skins
Snowy - For his fantastic BTC Racing skins among others.
JorritVD - For his numberplates and great skins.
tmsr - For his clinically done skins.
AlbersF1 - For some good skins
adzt44 - For the rear wheel drive Audi
MIGHTY M4VS - For his fantastic last minute work on interal nameplates

Mod By Drummerguy33. I put everyone's work together. Please do not redistribute without my permission and credit.

Anyone I've forgotten please shout.

Please Delete any previos versions!! These are at the following locations:

Go to your RACE07 directory then:



It is essential you do this or the mod will not work!!

Links below - Please download all parts in order. Link to trackpack here too.

Part 1 -

Part 2 -

Part 3 -

UIData -

Trackpack - Coming Soon

Trackpack Readme Below

BTCC 2011 Trackpack put together by Drummerguy33.

Please note I take no credit for the creation of these tracks. All I have done is put them together in a trackpack for your enjoyment.

I have redone some of the .aiw files to correct bugs but other than that the tracks are the work of community members.

These members are as follows, with the links to each of the tracks.

01 Brands Hatch Indy - Simbin Race07 original track - No Link
02 Donington Park - MotorFX -
03 Thruxton - Lasercutter -
04 Oulton Park - Lasercutter, Piquet and Zwiss -
05 Croft - MotorFX -
06 Snetterton - Simracer -
07 Knockhill - MotorFX -
08 Rockingham - Codemasters -
09 Brands Hatch GP - Simbin Race07 original track - No Link
10 Silverstone National - MotorFX -

Big thanks to all these people


  1. Hello!

    Do you have to have any addons installed or is Race07 enough?

    Do you need GTR Evo, RaceON, STCC (II), WTCC10, Injection?

    Thank you for this great mod!

  2. This is one of my favorite mods to date and would have love to have run a series with my buddies, but we found a few problems when racing on ai player when added to multi player lobby would keep reloading not allowing the race to start, and the car with the batman paint would lose its body and just be 4 wheels.
    Any chance these problems could get fixed and do a future patch?
    This mod needs to be ran, awesome job guys!!!

  3. Hello, we have this mod only linked, not created....They'll find out when updates here ;)