Samstag, 27. August 2011

NISSAN S14a for Race07/GTR Evo by. mariopinto

Nissan s14a for GTR Evolution converted from Shift2. This is a fictional
Cup based on this car. Standard body with improved suspension, engine,
weight gain and race tires. As a bonus I also included a GT version with
a V8 powerplant and diferent body kit.

ModelID CUP=254
ModelID GT=253
CUP version
- 290 horsepower
- 950 Kg
- 5 speed manual gearbox

GT version
- 564 horsepower
- 1020 Kg
- 6 speed sequential gearbox

SMS for the models, textures amd skins
Simbin for some 3D, textures, sounds and this wonderfull game

- You know the drill, extract into a temporary folder and copy GameData
and UiData folders into game directory. This mod don't overwrite any
original game file.

Templates can be downloaded here

>>> download NISSAN S14a for Race07/GTR Evo <<<

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