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Fenomenon Stratos for Race07/GTR Evo by Ultimodteam

- Improving the visual body and cockpit
- Add yellow led on the motec, and shiflight rpm max
Mod Fenomenon Stratos by Ultimodteam v1.0
*The concept car Stratos by Fenomenon has been presented in 2005,motorised by the Ferrari F360 Challenge Stradale engine,the F131 developing 431hp in original configuration.
*The F131 equipping the Stratos has been tuned up to 555hp by NOVITEC ROSSO.
*There is no whiper in this mod and it's voluntary,there isn't anyone on the real car.
*Some specs:
-Ferrari F360 engine F131 tuned by NOVITEC ROSSO
-550HP @ 7500rpm and 575Nm @ 6250rpm
-weight balance:56% on rear
-conversion and rework 3d model:Pat2611
-contact;fredbull on
Model id:204
Class id:204
Race07 and all it's addons accept 255 different model or class,each one having an id(from 1- to 255).
This specification make different mods having the same class or model id,causing a conflict or a game crash.
You can verify this id in the file ".inccar".
The ultimodteam advice everyone to use the "Sim Racing Manager" made by squik and available here: >>> download Sim-racing-Manager <<<
This small program alloy you the enable or disable any mod or track added in the sim.
You can run the sim only with the original mods/tracks and the ones you want to use.
Of course,two mods having the same id could not be used together.

>>> download Fenomenon Stratos for Race07/GTR Evo <<<

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