Mittwoch, 13. Juli 2011

Retro Expansion Custom Skins Fix

To use this, drop the gamedata folder in your Race07 folder.
NOT the one under mydocuments!! But the one at:

X:Program FilesSteamsteamapps*yourusername*race 07

When it prompts, hit overwrite. Done.

This will enable skins for the retro poack:

Mini Cooper S
Volvo Amazon
Volve P1800
BMW 2002
1970 Camaro
Opel Commodore

When you skin a car, pay attention to the names of the dds files.
The reason the windows don't show without these ini files on the 2002,
Commodore and Camaro is in the game's files the windows path in the ini
are named differently. They also seem to be case dependent but basically
it says window instead of windows. Yes, one letter is why the windows don't show!! (I think.)

These ini files fix that but watch what you name them as this bit me on the ass as
I have a habit of naming the dds files whatever the Hell i feel like.

Anyways make sure the dds files end in what is on the templates, though
obviously dds rather then psd. For instance the BMW 2002 should end in:

So in the case of MY skin, it's:

Make sense?

Have fun.

I would also like to thank and give credit to Petra_Sklenarova at Raceroom
as the Mini and Corvette ini's was supplied to me by her and she gave me permission to use them here.


>>> download ini Datein <<<

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