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MERCEDES 300 SEL 6.8 for GTR Evolution by mariopinto

Mercedes 300 SEL 6.8 mod for GTR Evolution. This is a conversion of
DonPanoz mod for GT Legends.
The cars are in the Retro Max Class and feature all the versions
present in GT Legends. I included the Retro Max buttons so that people
who don't have that expansion pack won't have a blank button.
full working car, including animated wipers, cockpit dials, etc.

classID=49 (Retro Max)



DonPanoz and his team for this extraordinary car for GT Legends.

Mercedes 300 SL 6.8 for GTL modding Team:

- Bent : 3D modell
- Citytea : sounds, textures and automatic gearing
- Cooky : Cockpit 3D and textures
- Hasi : Wheels and several parts
- MentalGear : Physics
(refer to GTL readme for more detailled info)

Simbin for some 3D, textures and this wonderfull game.


- You know the drill, extract into a temporary folder and copy GameData
and UiData folders into game directory. This mod don't overwrite any
original game file. Templates are included in the download.


Partially the real cars were driven with automatic-transmission. We have
realised this possibility at the streetcar #109 as an option. Who knows a
little about the .car-file at the Teams-folder, just simply set the first
line "include=..\MERCEDES_300SEL_4G-AT.inccar //MERCEDES_300SEL_4G-AUTO.
inccar" to this "include=..\MERCEDES_300SEL_4G-AUTO.inccar". Backup the
file first to be able to reverse. Then you´re able to drive the car with
a 4-gear-automatic-transmission. Even if you do not use the automatic
gearing in Evo but prefer to switch gears by hand without lifting the
throttle, you will experience the smooth transitions, that only are
offered by an automatic-transmission. This option is only recommended for
driving the car by yourself, the AI is unable to drive with it. A car
driven by AI at a race would not start away from the grid. The possibly
reason are the delay-times and gearing with a time of 0.0. If they would
be 0.1, the AI should work, although the impression of a continuous sound
and changing of the gears would be destroyed by this parameters.

>>> download MERCEDES 300 SEL 6.8 <<<

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