Freitag, 14. Oktober 2011

Lotus Evora Cup V1.1 for Race07/GTR EVO by. mariopinto

Lotus Evora Cup converted to GTR Evolution from Mitch88's GTR2 version.
The car has it's own class, and it's also integrated in the GT Club class,
with a diferent(less powerfull) engine.
Full working car.

Extract in to your Race07 folder. This mod does not overwrite any original file.

Mitch88 for his great mod for GTR2 and for giving me permission to convert it to GTR Evolution
Simbin for giving us such great games
ZeZeZoom for the GTCLUB engine and for beta testing and precious feedback
fvandelli for the discglow fix
And, of course, the Community

- Discglow fix. Thanks to fvandelli.
- Seat position adjustment fix.

To install the update only extract in to your Race07 folder and allow overwritting.

>>> download Lotus Evora Cup V1.1 for Race07/GTR EVO Full 1.1 version <<<

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