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TC2000 v1.0 for Race07 by PetraGTC

TC2000 for Race 07 v1.0

Converted to Race series by PetraGTC, with permittion from Ron123

TC 2000 Championship (Turismo Competición 2000)
The TC 2000 Championship (Turismo Competición 2000) is a touring car racing series held in Argentina.

Engines are limited to 2000 cc and modifications are limited to reduce running costs and bring equal opportunities to every team.
So its up to your own driving skills.

Mod by Ron123 & Sidstalker

This mod includes "season 2009 and 2010"
Known Issues: There are no issues.

If you don't like it ..... it's simple insert your finger in your arse and twist.................

ps: Do not post this mod on any other website
2011 addon original credits

Addon Mod by Ron123 & Sidstalker
you must have TC2000 mod installed
All TC2000 2011 Season cars
38 new skins
2 new cars Renault Fluence & Chevy Cruze
Renault Fluence & Chevy Cruze light textures fixed
all TC2000 cars have cockpit mirror fix
Pug 307 light texture bug fixed


- 1.0 initial release

Features of Race07 version:

- including 2011 addon's cars and skins
- race07 optimalized (geometries, shadow levels etc)
- customskins enabled
- own class (classID=187, modelID=39, 43, 44, 67, 69, 73, 78, 79, 89, 124, 126, 139, 140, 141)

Issues of Race07 version:

- some spec maps (will be fixed probably after christmas - i have to bake some cookies hehe)

Just drop the content of the "the mod" folder into your ...\race 07\ folder
It is recomended that you install this mod on a clean installation, without any other mods, to avoid mismatches

Race07 Credits:

- to Trackaholics, for their mods.
- to SimBin for all this virtual heaven
- to Mariopinto & ZeZeZoom for their modding knowledge, you 're making me better every day
- to all who like my mods Smile


>>> download TC2000 v1.0 <<<

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