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1995 South African Touring Car Championship by. Alessandro Pollini


1995 South African Touring Car Championship for SimBin Race Series

It is highly recommended that you download V3.0 of AndreasFSC's Super Touring '98 pack before installing this mod. It may not work otherwise.

Models included:
Audi A4
BMW 320i
Honda Accord
Alfa Romeo 155
Opel Vectra
Nissan Primera
Volvo S40
Ford Mondeo

Driver IDs: 95001 to 95056.

Class ID: 195



There were obvious model limitations with this mod. Therefore the following compromises have been made:

BMW - A 320i model called a 318i model in SA.
Opel - Although called a Vectra in 1995, this was actually the Cavalier model, but the Vectra is used in the mod.
Nissan - The real car used was the Sentra model, but the Primera is used in the mod.
Audi - The real car for '95 was the 80 Quattro model, but the A4 is used.
Toyota - No Toyota model was made, so the Honda Accord is used.
Ford - Only the wrong facelift model is used here.
VW - No Vento model is available so I've used the Volvo S40 with texture modifications.
Alfa - No issues here.


All the drivers that took part in the 1995 season are in the mod. However, to save any filtering nonsense I have given them all their own car, but not their race numbers. The following situations occured:

#3 Opel Vectra - Once Mike Briggs had wrapped up the title, he was sent to the UK to help in the BTCC and his place was taken for one event by Shaun Watson-Smith who made a sensational debut. In the mod Watson-Smith is given #20 as a salute to his fantastic 2004 BTCC season where he carried this number on his Proton.

#11 Toyota Camry - Most of the season this was given to Mike White, but Julian Bailey had it for the last few rounds. Bailey has #18 in the mod.

#12 Ford Mondeo - The biggest changes all season in this car! Ben Morgenrood started the season in the car, before Paul Radisich took over for a couple of rounds and then Steve Wyndham took the car for the remainder of the season. Wyndham is given #12, Morgenrood #14 and Radisich #16.

Big thanks to...

Andreas Larsson (AndreasFSC) for his awesome Super Touring '98 mod.
Put simply, this mod wouldn't exist without his work.

Philip Kruger for originally putting me onto some useful contacts.

Johan Laubser for his massive help in providing data, links, photos, etc. Without him this mod would have been only half as completed as it is.

Hylton Kloka for pointing out some errors in names that would have been missed completely otherwise.

Simbin for the best touring car game ever!

>>> download 1995 South African Touring Car Championship <<<

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