Samstag, 14. April 2012

Sim Racing Manager

It is compatible with Race07 - GTR2 - GTL - rFactor.

credits to Squik


Manager games.
Enabling / Disabling mods.
Activation / deactivation of circuits.
Automatic installation of mods and circuits (Beta).
Possibility of any check or uncheck.
Opening direct installation folders.
Button to launch the integrated set.
Adding games with mods and circuits already installed.
Management of the steering wheel button.

Last Update:

Easy manual installation.
Remove the automatic search games.
Optimization of application.
Launch in administrator mode by default.
Compatibility with rfactor, GTR2 and GTL.
Fixed bug when a game is installed without mod.
Adding an indication of the selected game.
Setting up a web page help.
Fixed various bugs.



  1. Hi there. I have not ben able to set this up!
    - It allways telling me “SimRacingManager "Can not create C: \ Program Files \ Offline Race07 \ Race07.exe because there already exists a file with same name”

    Q: What is wrong then?
    There is no tech support at these pages, so I have to ask.

    Tnx, Stoneard

    THANK you very much in advance

  2. i find only a german page to used the manager, but maybe help you the pictures on this page , I can not test yourself, i´m @ work to time ;) this is the page how create the manager

    Greez and goood luck