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1954 Mercedes-Benz 300SL Gullwing by. Charles Monroe



I am proud to present you all with my latest conversion, the 1954 Mercedes-Benz 300SL coupé "gullwing" (W198) for RACE07/GTR-Evolution.

The 300SL coupé was a revolutionary car at the time, based on the 1952 race version but with reworked aesthetics and many technological introductions. The 300SL was the first production road car to feature direct fuel injection and it offered a 3.0L inline-6 engine that produced 212bhp in the basic (and most widespread) model, being propelled from 0 to 100km/h in 7.2 seconds and reaching a top speed of 235km/h. It was the fastest production road car in the world at the time. With its characteristic gull wing doors, the 300SL coupe was a distinguished car and is unanimously considered not only a historical mark in automotive history but also one of the most beautiful cars ever built.

This mod is a conversion of SandroX's rFactor version. I had to do some major overhaul to adapt this baby to RACE07 correctly.

I had to:
- Rework the entire lights. The lights used the rFactor conventions which are less "strict" than the RACE07 ones. It took a whole lot of fusing and renaming GMTs.
- Add a RACE07 driver. The original driver didn't move his hands. My knowledge is not enough to add movement to the GMTs. Plus; the driver's head was always badly placed. My current knowledge didn't allow me to fix this situation, so the use of a standard RACE07 driver was the only solution.
- The original EXT wheel didn't turn because it was part of the whole interior. I had to separate the wheel from the rest of the interior, resize it and give it the proper EXTWHEEL attributes.
- Several adjustments to the HDC including lowering the ride height,
- Make and compose my own CAS and INCCAR files.
- Adjust the AUD file to the RACE07 standards.
- Redefine the stick shift (internal and external), pedals, FPDRIVER, EXTDRIVER and exhaust positions.
- Remap the chassis and overall body to a more RACE07-friendly cubemaping.
- Rescale mirrors.
- Define the detachables.
- Add cockpit dials.
- Use an adequate SimBin tire model file (Dunlop 204 6.5M15)

SandroX for the rFactor version and the permission he gave me to convert to RACE07.

fvandelli provided fundamental help with the cockpit dials and the lights. He also aided in fixing the FFB values and spotting the reversed mirrors and other small issues.

mariopinto for his input, tutorials, generosity and overall attitude. I owe most of my modding skills to his invaluable advice.

SimBin for the game, driver and some textures.

Without these guys, this mod wouldn’t have been possible. To you, my most sincere thanks.

Known issues:
This mod has a very high number of polygons. This means that older computers or weaker graphic cards may have some issues running full grids, even in lighter tracks. The FPS figures drop significantly when there’s contact between the cars.
There are no dirtscreens, rainscreens or working windshield wipers. Sorry for this.
 There’s a shadow placed too high when viewing the car in the selection menu. This is a problem that happens quite often on rFactor -> RACE07 conversions. It has a fix, but it would be quite laborious and would compromise many working elements. Since this shadow is not visible while racing, I chose not to fix this issue. Again, sorry for this.
The 300SL is a ‘50s car. It has a live rear axle. It has no computers or driving aids. It is NOT an easy car to drive and the suspension “communicates” a lot with the steering. It may feel a bit overwhelming but the real car did so too. This is NOT a bug or an issue, but I write it here anyway just in case you were wondering.

If anyone is able or willing to fix any of these issues please contact me. They will be added to future versions of the mod and credit will be given accordingly.

Charles Monroe (AKA PortuguesePilot)

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