Samstag, 11. August 2012

BMW M3 E92 DTM v1.0 by. sandrox


!!! This is a Basic Mod without skins !!!

Download Mod:

Download Template:


Ok i just update the mod and test this mod online looks to work now

started up a server for testing server name BMW_M3_E92_DTM_v1.0


  1. Thank alot for the info on TopRace Adrenaline, we will rate and comment it on our english forum-Race Injection-Addons

  2. So here we are, we have tested it, 4 guys aprox 15laps each. My opinion is,a good mod, only one question and one problem.

    Question: is the gearbox locked?
    Problem: How come that when in 1st gear the car turns even on easy throttle. And the car in extremely unstable when braking on apex, but when accelerating there is no problem.

    That is my opinion, the guys will (I think so) write their opinion on the site, under here:

    Otherwise sound is wicked, only when the wheels are blocked-braking, the car goes silent, and no sound of skidding of the tires.

    Good work from the makers, keep up the good job and keep us posted :)

  3. Our painters have met another problem, that is, the template on itself is poorly made, so the lines are being hard to make, it stretches them, so that is another potential problem :)

    So, GOD mod, poor templates :)

  4. by. TrippTeam ? nice... ;) Why it's not by me? ;)

  5. Hi Alex i find this Mod under TrippTeam on F1 Classic ... It´s your Mod? i will change ... I#m so Sorry M8

  6. Could we expect an update for this mod?

  7. Hi,
    just one question, is there any idea when or how to fix this hood gap problem?

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