Sonntag, 7. Oktober 2012

Nissan 350Z by. mariopinto


 --------------NISSAN 350Z for GTR Evolution by mariopinto--------------

-----------------------------version 1.0-------------------------------

Nissan 350Z for GTR Evolution converted from the excellent GTR2 mod
made by GMT (German Modding Team). Includes both Road and Cup version,
as well as the police cars.
This mod is completly standalone and doesn't require any game files to
work, neither it overwrites any original files from the game.
Full working cars, including working wipers, cockpit dials, driver
animations, etc.
Templates are included in this release so you can paint your own skins.


ModelID Street=231
ModelID Cup=232
ModelID Police=233
ModelID Polizei=234

Street version

- 301 horsepower
- 1447 Kg
- 6 speed manual gearbox

CUP version

- 313 horsepower
- 1347 Kg
- 6 speed manual gearbox

Police cars use road physics/engine/gearbox.


I want to send a HUGE thank you to all the GMT team for the work they
done with this mod and for giving me permission to convert it to GTR
Evolution. Without them you wouldn't be able to drive these cars in
this game: Simulationsfanatiker, Aleksss, Speedstar11, Schuchi, Effem65,
milde607, Dorfmeister, BMW Racer, Scyrion, Tolik.
More detallied information about who did what for the GTR2 version in
the original GTR2 Readme, included with this release.

All conversion work to GTR Evolution (conversion, integration, animations,
menu buttons, testing, etc) by mariopinto.


You know the drill, extract into a temporary folder and copy GameData
and UiData folders into game directory. This mod don't overwrite any
original game file.


[A] 1. Discs Street
2. Cup Discs

[B] 1. Street Wheels
2. Rays Wheels
3. BBS Silver Wheels
4. BBS Black Wheels

[C] 1. Body Street
2. Body Street + little spoiler
3. Body Cup with rear wing
4. Body police

[D] 1. Cockpit Street
2. Cockpit Cup

[E] 1. Steering wheel Street
2. Steering Wheel Cup


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