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STCC 2011 Add-On by. zolibphc & PetraGTC

This pack is including the complet grid of Scandinavian Touring Car Championship season 2011.

#1 Richard Göransson Westcoast Racing BMW 320si 2009
#2 James Thompson Polestar Racing Volvo C30
#5 Colin Turkington Flash Engineering BMW 320si 2009
#6 Jason Watt Team Bygma Seat Leon TFSi
#7 Tommy Rustad Polestar Racing Volvo C30
#8 Roger Eriksson Seat Dealer Team Seat Leon TFSi
#11 Rickard Rydell Chevrolet Motorsport Chevrolet Cruze
#12 Viktor Hallrup Chevrolet Motorsport Chevrolet Cruze
#14 Fredrik Ekblom Team KMS VW Scirocco
#15 Patrik Olsson Team KMS VW Scirocco
#17 Tomas Engström Seco Tools Racing Honda Accord R
#20 Mattias Andersson MAGP Alfa Romea 156
#21 Johan Sturesson0 IPS BMW 320si
#27 Alx Danielsson DMS Seat Leon TFSi
#29 Thomas Faraas DMS Seat Leon TFSi
#41 Johan Kristoffersson Team KMS VW Scirocco
#42 Alexander Graff Team KMS VW Scirocco
#50 Jan "Flash" Nilsson Flash Engineering BMW 320si 2009
#66 Martin Öhlin Westcoast Racing BMW 320si 2009
#88 Robin Appelqvist Appelqvist Racing Alfa Romeo 156 GTA
#90 Tobias Johansson Seat Dealer Team Seat Leon TFSi
#96 Anrdeas Ebbesson Ebbesson Motorsport BMW 320si
#97 Joakim Ahlberg BMS Event BMW 320i

Unpack the file and cop to the following dierctory:
c:\Program Files\Steam\SteamApps\"your name"\race 07

I'd like to say a BIG thank you for the following:
Who made the base of the mod, and the fantastic Cruze and VW Scirocco liveries, the fixes, and some alphas to the windows.

Who gave a lot alpha channels to my windows.

Who gave us a permisson to use his new facelift model for a BMW's.

Also would like to thank to Danielsson Motorsport for their cooperation, without them i couldn't make the DMS cars, thank you!
Thanks to Simbin for the games, for the templates, and all of the teams for their websites including the lot of pictures, infos.

!!!STCC 2 the game needed!!!
You don't have to overwrite anything in the game to use this mod!
Don't use any piece of this mod without our permisson, and don't share on other sites, please respect our time and patience to made this stuff!

>>> download STCC 2011 @ NoGripRacing <<<

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