Sonntag, 25. September 2011

Ford Mustang RTX for GTR Evo by. Liquid4653

Ford Mustang RTX Mod v1.0
rFactor version by Scca1981.
RACE 07/GTR EVO conversion by Liquid4653.

aczdc69 - Fellow racer and beta tester.
ecikus - For all his testing work and keeping me honest with his eagle eye.
Scca1981 - For granting permission for the conversion.

Lastly I would like to thank the following for some great skins.........


Anyone seeing something belonging to them in this mod and not credited please contact me.

This is a straight conversion with a couple of small touches like carb backfire(which due to engine limitations is only visible externally). I did also have discglow included but due to the way the brakes are set up it is on all the time, so I have decided to disable it rather than change the braking characteristics. Wipers are not included in this release as the dozen or so that I tried looked horrendous. I am also happy to make revisions should any technical issues be discovered. Anyone presenting me with non-technical bits and bobs to bolt/include on this mod please keep them for your own private use.

This mod has a ClassID of 136 and the ModelID is also 136. Due to the issue of having limited ModelID's, these may well conflict with existing mods.

Wherever your race07 directory is, commonly put here as 'you know the score' lol. It is also good practice to avoid extracting straight to the race07 folder.

>>> download Ford Mustang RTX <<<