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Nextel Nascar evolution Mod by. Liquid4653

Nextel Nascar Evolution Mod v1.0
GTR2 Nextel Nascar 2005 & Craftsman Truck add-on conversion by Goresh.
RACE 07/GTR EVO Nextel Nascar Evo conversion by Liquid4653.

Without the following people this mod would not be here, so big thanks to……

aczdc69 - Fellow racer and beta tester.
ecikus - For all his testing work and keeping me honest with his eagle eye.
Goresh - For granting permission for the Nascar and Truck conversion.
Gazman - For his Toyota car which is part of the latest revision of the original GTR2 mod.
scca1981 - For granting permission to use the sounds from his superb Mustang RTX rFactor mod.

Lastly I would like to thank mariopinto for providing the base version by M@claren and GTRacing and to be frank it was a mess and I decided it would be easier to just start again from the last latest version made for GTR2, but I am grateful for the M@claren and GTRacing version all the same.

Anyone seeing something belonging to them in this mod and not credited please contact me.

This is a conversion and merging of the original GTR2 mods. I have made changes all over the place as necessary and some I consider better for Evo. The physics have been reworked and the car setup by default is now symmetrical. I know that’s not how it was but without this change anyone with a gamepad would not be able to use this mod. However, the setup can be manually adjusted to correct this of course. I have also added working cockpit dials. I won't list anymore as it would fill this page and is extremely tedious lol.

There are now a total of 5 vehicles in this mod. Chevy, Dodge, Ford, Toyota and the Craftsman Truck. I have kept the original number of drivers from the Craftsman Truck add-on so if you want to run them on their own you can still have a large field out there. The mod is encrypted using wtcced to minimise installation size. Anyone wishing to privately change things to suit themselves is more than welcome. I am also happy to make revisions should any technical issues be discovered. Anyone presenting me with non-technical bits and bobs to bolt/include on this mod please keep them for your own private use.

This mod has a ClassID of 228 and the ModelID's for the cars are - Chevy ModelID=227, Dodge ModelID=228, Ford ModelID=229, Toyota ModelID=236 and Truck ModelID=237. Due to the issue of having limited ModelID's, these may well conflict with existing mods.

Wherever your race07 directory is, commonly put here as 'you know the score' lol. It is also good practice to avoid extracting straight to the race07 folder.

If anyone has my beta version or the GTR Evo beta version posted by mariopinto installed, please delete ALL traces and that includes Sound, Team and Talent folders

>>> download Nextel evolution Mod <<<

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