Sonntag, 18. September 2011

Oval Track Pack by. Liquid4653

Oval Track Pack
RACE 07/GTR EVO conversion by Liquid4653.

Without the following people there would be no track pack........

aczdc69 - Fellow racer and beta tester.
ecikus - For all his testing work and keeping me honest with his eagle eye.
Legendsatlunch - For his diagnostical efforts.
N2LO - Full credit should be given to this track making legend for all tracks excluding Pocono.
Ximilek - For his Pocono conversion.

Ximilek's Pocono conversion has not been altered other than changing where it belongs and a revised aiw file. I have tried to get hold of N2LO but it has been difficult, and as an exile from Nogrip, I cannot contact him there. Full credit for the rest of the tracks should be given to N2LO, all I did was straight convert them into race 07, which to be honest is a 5 min job. All tracks have had their aiw files altered by me though.

Anyone seeing something belonging to them in this pack and not credited please contact me.

KW Super Speedway

Sadly there are a couple of issues, which despite myself and Legendsatlunch looking at them, cannot be fixed currently. I am grateful to Legendsatlunch for his time and efforts in trying to resolve the problems with me.

Currently the Daytona and Talladega tracks freeze after a couple of minutes in practice or qualification and are unuseable. They do however work fine when you cycle to race. Ordinarily I would not release anything with issues like this but there are not many large oval tracks about and they are still enjoyable. Going to race straight away will allow you to practice/warm up and then restart to race. Unfortunately qualification is not possible. If these issues are resolved in the future then I will release an update.

Wherever your race07 directory is, commonly put here as 'you know the score' lol. It is also good practice to avoid extracting straight to the race07 folder.

If anyone has my beta versions installed, then please delete ALL traces from the locations folder.

>>> download Oval Track Pack <<<


  1. Hello,

    The link for the Nascar Tracks is either missing or other, When you click on it says its missing or removed..?

    If it possable to get the tracks..

  2. Hi Darren,

    THX for the Info. The downloadlink ist fixed and works fine.


  3. megaupload is link?

    1. I was looking for an alternative link to one, but can not find, sorry

  4. Could someone please post this to a site that hasn't been shut down? TIA

  5. Where should I add it exactly to make it work, because it´s not running on my computer.

  6. Help
    I put the tracks in this file: .../race07/gamedata/locations
    but in the game all tracks name MACAU10
    the photos are there, but when I want to start the race he doesn't find datas.
    what did I make wrong?

  7. The download Link do not work